In a new book, “Amelia Earhart, Beyond the Grave,” author W. C. Jameson repeats the old and somewhat persistent rumor that Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan were on a mission to spy on Japanese activities during their last flight in 1937. The gist of the book is that after a crash or forced landing, she was captured by the Japanese.
And, he makes the extraordinary claim that she was released in 1945, returned to the U.S. where she lived in anonymity until her death in 1982.
Jameson says that an Army official acknowledged to a nephew that Earhart was a involved in an intelligent gathering flight. The nephew repeated the claim to the author.
The fact that Amelia’s disappearance almost eighty years ago continues to draw interest is amazing. The almost fanatic quest for an answer as to what actually happened to her by so many has formed the basis for several individuals and organizations to earn a good income. The Pacific is a very large body of water and capable of swallowing a small plane and two passengers without leaving a trace.

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