A squabble has erupted over the search for Amelia Earhart’s final resting place. In an article in Smithsonian Magazine, the claims of TIGHAR that a piece of metal found on a remote island is from Amelia’s plane “with a high degree of certainty,” are called into question. In the article, Ric Gillespie is quoted as saying he is 99% certain. The Smithsonian article points out that while Gillespie found the metal in 1991, he only claimed conclusive evidence that it was from Amelia’s plane in the past few months. Gillespie calls the article “unfair criticism” that “besmirches and diminishes” TIGHAR’s work. Smithsonian concludes that Amelia probably ran out of fuel and fell into the 18,000 foot water near her destination, Howland Island. However, it seems the unquenchable public appetite for news of Amelia will continue and TIGHAR will not have to worry about the donations that it uses for further searches. (for some background on this topic, see my earlier blogs.)

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