Since the publication of Shooting Star in late 2011, I have continued to research the story of Mildred Doran and the Dole Transpacific Air Race. In addition, some people who have personal or family familiarity with Mildred have contacted me with information. There have not been any sensational new facts uncovered, but I have been able to fill in more details. Whenever I have mentioned these to friends who have read the book, they have encouraged me to write a second edition in order to supplement the story. But, I have resisted on the basis that the book already contains a fairly complete picture of what happened and if additional minutiae is added, it may do nothing more than make the book less, and not more. interesting. But, recently I have come across some material that is so intriguing, it has changed my mind. In addition I have been able to secure some additional pictures from dealers that sell old photographs that will add to the story as well. So, my goal is to have the second edition finished in draft form at least, by the end of the year. As long as the weather keeps me indoors as it usually does in the Winter, I should be able to meet my goal.

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