As reported here earlier, Ric Gillespie’s organization, TIGHAR, has been exploring both off shore and on the island of Nikumaroro in the Pacific for evidence of Amelia Earhart. And, another TIGHAR expedition went to the island earlier this year. While not finding any definitive evidence of her this time, the group is nonetheless hopeful. It was hampered in the latest search by rough seas.
Also, this summer a team of explorers sponsored by Parker Hannifin, a Cleveland based corporation, went to the Marshall Islands to test one of the persistent rumors about Amelia. The story is that islanders actually saw Earhart’s Lockheed Electra land on a reef just offshore, and that later Japanese military stationed on the island took her and her navigator away. Islanders were used to drag the plane away. The search found several pieces of metal, including aluminum that appear to be compatible with parts from the plane. Alcoa technicians are testing the parts to possibly identify them as authentic. Some of the remnants have traces of red paint which would be consistent with the decorative paint on Earhart’s craft.
The drama of the searches taking place at lonely remote islands certainly tickles our imagination.