Rick Gillespie of TIGHAR announced recently the discovery of new information that may aid in the discovery of Amelia Earhart’s plane. A recently examined photo of the plane used in Earhart’s round the world attempt shows repairs to a window to the rear of the fuselage. Apparently, a rectangle shaped aluminum patch was applied to the window. Previously, TIGHAR found a piece of aluminum on a remote Pacific island. But, the measurement between the rivet holes did not match those on a Lockheed Vega. However, the patch was not made at Lockheed, but at a private shop in Miami just before the flight was to start. Gillespie says the photo will be studied to determine the distance of the rivet holes from one another to see if it matches those on the piece recovered. If they match, you can be sure TIGHAR will, after securing contributions, undertake a new expedition to find Amelia’s plane once again.