My New Book Is Out

My new book, 1927, A Brilliant Year For Aviation, will be available on later this week. During my research into the Dole Race and the experiences of my Aunt Mildred Doran, I could not help but notice the other courageous flights of that year. Starting with Lindbergh, of course, but continuing with over twenty more attempts to fly across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Flying in terrible weather because of inadequate weather predictions and inadequate navigational tools, more than half of the attempts failed. Those aviators make up a group of diverse characters, including Charles Levine, the “Millionaire Junkman,” Dick Grace, the “Broken Neck” pilot who crashed airplanes for Hollywood, Ruth Elder a silent film star and skilled pilot, Richard Byrd, the explorer, Princess Anne, an honest to God 63 year old Princess, and Frances Grayson who reportedly carried a pistol in her purse to “persuade” her pilot not to turn back. It’s a history book that reads like a novel with characters you might find in an Elmore Leonard book.