One of the decisions that caused me to hesitate was whether to put my e mail address on the back cover. Now two years later, I am sure I did the right thing. I have heard from several folks who have added to my understanding of Mildred Doran’s story. I heard from Bronislw H. who actually grew up in the upper floors of the Doran Tower. His father ran the gas station on the first floor. He also sent me a copy of stationery from just after the Doran Tower was constructed showing the building which was shaped like a Dutch windmill WITH SAILS. So apparently it was originally designed to closely resemble a windmill and only later were the blades removed..
Also contacting me was Jeff T. a relative of Bill Malloska, the sponsor of the airplane Miss Doran. He was able to send me photographs of a Lincoln Oils gas station and of a person wearing a Lincoln Oils bowling shirt. Malloska was known for sponsoring sports teams.
Another e mail was received from two nephews of Willard Miller. Apparently the horse Mildred is shown riding in a photo in the book was Willard’s and its name was “Moonshine Run>” Willard also was a breeder of Great Dane’s and it is assumed Mildred’s dog Honolulu came from Willard, who they say was dating Mildred. It is odd to think that if things had worked out differently, I could be related to Willard’s nephews today.
Earlier this summer I learned that the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in D.C. has created a new exhibit called Time and Navigation. In that exhibit appears a photograph of Mildred. As far as I know this is the first time mention of her has been made at the Museum.
Finally, during my speaking engagement earlier this month at the Int’l Women’s Air & Space Museum in Cleveland, I was shown a plaque showing a picture of Mildred on the top and words of praise from the Ninety Nines, an organization of women aviators on the lower half. They had no record of when or how the plaque had come into the Museum’s possession. I recognized it immediately and said, “I’ve been searching for that plaque.” I have a newspaper article from the 1970’s when the plaque was given to the Flint, Michigan, airport for display. During my research for Shooting Star I wrote the airport to see if it was still there. I received no response, so I assumed it was lost. Now it is found and in a wonderful spot.
My goal for Shooting Star was to insure Mildred’s story would not be forgotten. The responses I received from my e mail address assures me she will not be.

Search For Amelia (Again)

I see where TIGHAR has gotten more publicity regarding the search for Amelia Earhart’s plane in the Pacific Ocean. Last summer they identified several spots where it looked as if pieces of the plane were found only to later discover they were looking at pieces of a shipwreck. Now they have identified more pictures taken last year that look as if they could be parts of an airplane. Let’s hope they are right. However, it seems that every few months, TIGHAr issues another press release claiming to be on the trail of a ;plane wreck. These sightings hardly ever seem to pan out. I hope that this time is different and the new press release has a purpose other than fund raising..