On Friday June 14, i’ll be giving a presentation about Mildred Doran the aviatrix that lost her life in the 1927 Dole Race from California to Hawaii. Of course, Mildred is the subject of my book, Shooting Star. And she was my mother’s older sister. They were especially close since their mother died some years before the race and Mildred was ten years older. During my time growing up, my mother did not speak about her sister very much. It was only after my mother died that I started to find out more based on the scrapbooks and other memorablilie that my mother kept. It’s going to be a fun evening since I understand a group of my high school friends will be there. I look forward to the opportunity to share the story. And, I understand the museum is a wonderful place to visit. If any of you are in the area I hope you join us. For information visit