At the end of the year I was lamenting the fact that my goal of a first draft of my new book was not completed. Now I am half way through the second draft all because of the cold rainy weather. Nothing like a few days at the keyboard to speed things along. I have been spending time looking at newspapers from 1927 and they are a wonderful source. But, every once in a while I run across a small paragraph that describes another event that I have not seen before. Last week I saw that Frank Courtney took off from Plymouth, England in a seaplane for the Azores on his way to the United States. It turns out he did not make it, but was rescued, and later moved to the U.S. and was a productive aircraft designer and test pilot. Today, at the end of an article about one of the famous attempts to cross the Atlantic, I read a short sentence about a French expedition by Captain Costes taking off to go around the world by air by way of South America. When I looked into it I found that it took 6 months and included a steamship leg, but they made it. What an adventure! 1927 was a wild year.