One of the fun things about writing a book about aviation history and the events of 1927 is finding new sources during my research.   The internet is wonderful in that someone has posted something about just about everything.  That gives a researcher a head start, although one finds quite a bit of misinformation and conjecture paraded as fact..  As far as contemporary reports from 1927, nothing beats the newspapers of the day.  The large newspaper chains had reporters all over the country.  And, in 1927 there were at least three significant news services, Associated Press, United Press, and International News Service.  Like today with network television correspondents feeding news to local stations, the news services provided stories from all over the world to newspapers both large and small.  And if the newsmaker had a local connection,  small newspapers would follow up on that aspect of the story.  For example in the Salmanca (NY) Republican Press published a story relating to aviatrix Ruth Elder chronicalling the fact that she was married to a man who had spent part of his youth at Salmanca,  a tiny town in Southwest New York next to an Indian Reservation. The article mentions that he left Salmanca when he was a “small boy” so her connection to Salmanca was slight. This was the first of 5 different husbands for Ruth.   But, the interesting part of the story quotes Ruth Elder at length as to her training regimen for her proposed flight to Europe, a subject not mentioned in any other paper.