WNC Woman Magazine

Yesterday I received a big unexpected surprise.  The magazine WNC (Western North Carolina) Woman is including a review of Shooting Star in their June issue.  The reviewer Mary Ickes provided to  me an advance copy of her piece.  Among other things, she concludes: “This is not a maudlin, sentimental tribute, Reading Friends, but one that marches along with the spirit and spunk that Ms. Doran displayed every time she headed for a plane.  Her story, told in parallel with aviation’s rise in the United States, provides ample proof that Mildred Doran earned a prominent place on the shelves of aviation history.”

Shooting Star at the Bookfest

For those of you unfamiliar with the book, it is about the 1927 Dole Air Race that took place only 11 weeks after Charles Lindbergh’s flight to Paris.  My aunt, Mildred Doran was the only woman in the race.  For those 11 weeks Mildred and the other Dole racers were written about in every newspaper in the country. The family connection has given me the interest as well as insight into the dawn of aviation’s Golden Age.   It is gratifying that the book led beign chosen to appear at this years Bookfest.