What is it about 1927?

I periodically review the Amazon web page that advertises my book, 1927, A Brilliant Year in Aviation, to check out the reviews. I just saw one that compares my book to two others published in 2013. Both deal with some the remarkable flyers in 1927. One is by Winston Groom called The Aviators. Groom is a great writer famous for creating Forest Gump. His book deals with Rickenbacker, Doolittle, and Lindbergh. The other book is One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson. His book covers the year 1927 comprehensively and even mentions my aunt, Mildred Doran, and the Dole Race on one page. I have read them both and they are enjoyable well-written books by two writers who seem to come up with a phrase or fact on every page that forces the reader to pause and admire their skill. For anyone interested in my book, I recommend the other two as well. It is odd that all three books were published in late 2013. Mine was the first and I had no idea the other two were in the works. I am proud that the Amazon reviewer says, 1927, A Brilliant Year in Aviation “complements the (other) two books in a readable and engaging manner.”